Identification and access control


A removable and transportable cabin equipped with sensors, just in case

This invention can be used to check all people and things which need to access controlled areas that are such for a temporary or unlimited period. Typical controlled areas where controlled access takes place can be for example courts, airports, public offices, exhibition centres, historical monuments such as churches, museums.

There are places that can only become controlled areas for a limited period of time, for example sheds used for exhibitions or trade fairs that for a certain period can host events that require security check-point for persons and materials. Such places are usually not equipped with fast deployable control systems.

The solution comprises a check-point module having inside a plurality of electronic recognition devices. In addition, the box is supported with retractable wheels, allowing the module to be easily movable to the designated place. The mechanical design of the module also allows its quick folding and consequent load on a standard pallet.


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