Monitoring of usage and wear of tools for machining



Checking drilling tools usage and their state of wear in real time, inhibiting their use if specific criteria related to the residual life is satisfied

The core component of DRILLIMO is a self-contained and stand-alone electronic monitoring device installed, as an add-on, on the apparatus used for machining. This add-on can recognize the tool mounted on the machining apparatus and allows the measurement of a number of parameters related to the tool, like the time of usage and the number of holes made with the tool itself. Computing appropriate analytics based on the values detected over time, and comparing these with threshold levels, allows the wear of the tool to be estimated, making possible to intervene at management level for the interruption of operation and the replacement of the tool with a new one, a resharpened or one having residual service life.

Even when mounted on the machining apparatus, the add-on is totally autonomous, it can function on its own; thus, it can be easily replaced with another one if necessary (e.g. for battery recharge)


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