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2015-10-30-01 SKYWARD: the next generation airborne Infrared Search & Track Fortunato Luca, Colombi Giangiuseppe, Ondini Aurora, Quaranta Carlo, Giunti Claudio, Sozzi Barbara, Balzarotti Giorgio Paper for Seminar/Symposium/Conference SPIE Defense and Security 2016 - International Conference on Signal Processing, Sensor/Information Fusion, and Target Recognition (17-21 April 2016, Baltimore, MA, USA)
2015-11-04-02 “Semi-Metallic Rods” Structure for Controlling the phase Velocity Dispersion in Helix TWT Martorana Rosario, Nicosia Agostino, Spatola Antonino Paper for Seminar/Symposium/Conference EWCI INDIA 2016 - International Conference on Electronic Warfare (22-25 February 2016, Bangalore, India)
2015-11-05-02 Fully Automated IR Target Search and Recognition Processor Pozzi Ambrogio, Ondini Aurora, Casagrande Gianni Paper for Seminar/Symposium/Conference OPTRO 2016 - International Symposium on Optronics in Defence and Security (02-04 February 2016, Paris, France)
2016-04-06-01 Why it is important to build an Innovation Strategy through Organizational Project Management Maturity Model De Fazio Emanuela Paper for Specialistic Magazine IEEE Aerospace & Electronics Systems Magazine
2016-04-27-01 Innovative Measurement Methods for Homeland Security Applications Angrisani Leopoldo, Ascione Marcello, D’Urso Michele, Buonanno Aniello Paper for Specialistic Magazine RISE - Rivista Internazionale di Studi Europei