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2015-01-13-01 JEM-line tracking in ISAR airborne radar data of flying aircrafts for engine detection Ricardi Niccolò, Dell’Acqua Fabio, Aprile Angelo Paper for Seminar/Symposium/Conference IGARSS 2015 - IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (26-31 July 2015, Milan, Italy)
2015-01-12-02 A Technique for Sensors Fusion with Limited Number of Common Measures Quaranta Carlo, Balzarotti Giorgio Paper for Seminar/Symposium/Conference SPIE Defense and Security 2015 - International Conference on Signal Processing, Sensor/Information Fusion, and Target Recognition (20-24 April 2015, Baltimore, MA, USA)
2015-01-12-01 Validation of Forward Modeling Target Detection Approach on a New Hysperpectral Data Set Featuring an Urban Scenario and Variable Illumination Conditions Acito Nicola, Corsini Giovanni, Diani Marco, Matteoli Stefania, Riccobono Aldo, Rossi Alessandro Paper for Seminar/Symposium/Conference IGARSS 2015 - IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (26-31 July 2015, Milan, Italy)
2014-12-22-01 Il Robot Rosetta e la Cometa Magnani Piergiovanni Paper for Specialistic Magazine Circolo Culturale Lomellino "Il Vaglio"
2014-12-19-03 Hyper-Sharpening: A First Approach on SIM-GA Data Selva Massimo, Aiazzi Bruno, Butera Francesco, Chiarantini Leandro, Baronti Stefano Paper for Specialistic Magazine IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, Volume:8, Issue: 6
2014-12-19-01 Improved estimation of soil clay content by the fusion of remote hyperspectral and proximal geophysical sensing Ciampalini Andrea, André Frédéric, Garfagnoli Francesca, Grandjean Gilles, Lambot Sébastien, Chiarantini Leandro, Moretti Sandro Paper for Specialistic Magazine Journal of Applied Geophysics
2014-12-05-01 Fibre Optics in Radar Systems: advantages and achievements Pierno Luigi, Fiorello Anna Maria, Secchi Alberto, Dispenza Massimiliano Paper for Seminar/Symposium/Conference 2015 IEEE International Radar Conference (11-15 May 2015, Arlington, VA, USA)
2014-10-14-01 Realization and Test of a Versatile and Low-Cost Printed Configuration of UWB Dual-Pol Antenna Mazzocchi Simona, Galli Alessandro, Zucca Marco Paper for Seminar/Symposium/Conference EuCAP 2015 - European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (12-17, April 2015, Lisbon, Portugal)
2014-10-02-01 Data-centric Multirobot Systems Fedi Francesco Paper for Seminar/Symposium/Conference 2014 IEEE - MESAS 2014 - Modelling and Simulation for Autonomous Systems Workshop (05-06 May 2014, Roma, Italy)
2014-09-30-04 Design, Realization and Characterization of the Dichroic for Euclid Belli Fabio, Cicciarelli Chiara, Laganà Paolo, Taglioni Giovanni, Venancio Luis Miguel Gaspar, Harnisch Bernd Paper for Seminar/Symposium/Conference ICSO 2014 - International Conference on Space Optics (07-10 October 2014, Tenerife - Canary Islands, Spain)