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2013-10-16-01 SWIR range performance prediction for long range applications Guadagnoli Emanuele, Ventura Piero, Barani Gianni, Porta Antonio Paper for Seminar/Symposium/Conference SPIE DSS 2014 - International Symposium on Optronics in Defense and Security (05-09 May 2014, Baltimore, USA)
2013-11-19-01 Dynamic test planning: a study in an industrial context Carrozza Gabriella, Pietrantuono Roberto, Russo Stefano Paper for Specialistic Magazine International Journal of Software Tools for Technology Transfer (Springer Verlag)
2013-12-04-01 Planar Thinned Arrays: Optimization and Subarray Based Adaptive Processing Lombardo Pierfrancesco, Cardinali Roberta, Bucciarelli Marta, Pastina Debora, Farina Alfonso Paper for Specialistic Magazine International Journal of Antennas and Propagation, Volume 2013
2013-12-05-01 A regulation-based Security evaluation method for Wireless Data Link Malavenda Claudio Santo, Menichelli Francesco, Olivieri Mauro Paper for Specialistic Magazine Journal of Computer Networks and Communications, Volume 2014 (Hindawi)
2013-12-05-02 A DDS/PLL architecture for highly stable local oscillators Tonelli Giovanni, Marchetti Fernando, Gargano Leonardo, Pezzuti Alberto, Lo Re Angelo, Fernandez Emanuele, Mennella Alberto, Angelini Simone Paper for Seminar/Symposium/Conference Radar 2014 - International Radar Conference (13-17 October 2014, Lille, France)