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2014-11-11-10 A long-range camera based on an HD MCT array of 12 mm pixels Davy Douglas, Ashley Stuart, Davison Bryan, McEwen Kennedy, Ashcroft Andrew, Moore Richard Paper for Seminar/Symposium/Conference SPIE - Defense + Security Conference (05-09 May 2014, Baltimore, MD, USA)
2014-04-09-03 Survey of Wireless Communication Technologies for Public Safety Baldini Gianmarco, Karanasios Stan, Allen David, Vergari Fabrizio Paper for Specialistic Magazine IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials (Volume: 16, Issue: 2, Second Quarter 2014)
2014-04-09-02 Software-Defined Radio: Finding Its Use in Public Safety Vergari Fabrizio Paper for Specialistic Magazine IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine (Volume: 8 , Issue: 2, June 2013)
2014-02-25-06 Cognitive Radar Waveform Design for Spectral Coexistence Piezzo Marco, De Maio Antonio, Aubry Augusto, Farina Alfonso Paper for Seminar/Symposium/Conference Radar Conf 2013 - IEEE Radar Conference (29/04-03/05 2013, Ottawa, Canada)
2014-02-25-05 Distributed Multitarget Tracking for Passive Multireceiver Radar Systems Battistelli Giorgio, Chisci Luigi, Fantacci Claudio, Farina Alfonso, Graziano Antonio Paper for Seminar/Symposium/Conference IRS 2013 - International Radar Symposium (19-21 June 2013, Dresden, Germany)