Publications represent one of the most important forms of sharing knowledge generated within a company, in collaboration with other companies or with public research organizations.
This page presents Leonardo's technical-scientific production, relating to conference proceedings, book chapters, articles in specialized journals.
The list contains references to the work carried out since 2012 by Leonardo researchers, engineers and technicians, and authorized for publication.

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Selected Item LDO-ID Title Authors Type Media  
2012-10-29-01 Transnational Interoperability a System Framework for Public Protection and Disaster Relief Becchetti Claudio, Frosali Federico, Leezack Etienne Paper for Specialistic Magazine IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine
2012-11-27-01 Versatile and Efficient Hybrid-Ring Architecture for Advanced Radar Functionalities Zucca Marco, Ciattaglia Matteo, Pintauro Roberto, Valerio Guido, Galli Alessandro Paper for Specialistic Magazine Microwave and Optical Technology Letters ( Vol. 55, No. 7, July 2013)
2012-12-08-01 Cooled infrared filters and dichroics for the sea and land surface temperature radiometer Hawkins Gary, Sherwood Richard, Djotni Karim, Coppo Peter Mario, Höhnemann Holger, Belli Fabio Paper for Specialistic Magazine Applied Optics Journal (Vol. 52, No. 10, April 2013)
2013-02-12-01 Exploiting SDN Approach to Tackle Cloud Computing Security Issues in The ATC Scenario Carrozza Gabriella, Manetti Vittorio, Marotta Antonio, Canonico Roberto, Avallone Stefano Paper for Seminar/Symposium/Conference EWDC 2013 - European Workshop Dependable Computing
2013-02-19-01 Testing the Exomars Drill in Mars-Like conditions Fumagalli Alessandro, Re Edoardo, Senese Samuel, Magnani Piergiovanni, Rizzi Francesco, Gily Alessandro, Durrant Stephen, Baglioni Pietro Paper for Seminar/Symposium/Conference IAC 2013 - International Astronautical Congress (23-27 September 2013, Beijing, China)