Publications represent one of the most important forms of sharing knowledge generated within a company, in collaboration with other companies or with public research organizations.
This page presents Leonardo's technical-scientific production, relating to conference proceedings, book chapters, articles in specialized journals.
The list contains references to the work carried out since 2012 by Leonardo researchers, engineers and technicians, and authorized for publication.

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Selected Item LDO-ID Title Authors Type Media  
2014-02-20-08 Target tracking via multi-static Doppler shifts Ristic Branko, Farina Alfonso Paper for Specialistic Magazine IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation (Volume: 7, Issue: 5, June 2013)
2013-11-21-02 Optical Switching Matrix as Time Domain Demultiplexer in Photonic ADC Pierno Luigi, Bogoni Antonella, Fiorello Anna Maria, Ghelfi Paolo, Laghezza Francesco, Filippo Scotti, Sergio Pinna Paper for Seminar/Symposium/Conference EuMWeek 2013 - European Microwave Week (06-11 October 2013, Nuremberg, Germany)
2013-11-08-14 Theoretical analysis of the sequential lobing technique for correlated targets Cui Gou-Long, De Maio Antonio, Pallotta Luca, Farina Alfonso Paper for Specialistic Magazine IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation (Volume 7, Issue 4, 2013)
2013-11-08-13 Parametric analysis of ballistic target-tracking problem by multiple model approach Reali Fabrizio, Palmerini Giovanni Battista, Farina Alfonso, Graziano Antonio, Giompapa Sofia Paper for Specialistic Magazine IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation (Volume 7, Issue 4, 2013)
2013-11-08-12 On the application of the expectation-maximisation algorithm to the relative sensor registration problem Fortunati Stefano, Gini Fulvio, Farina Alfonso, Graziano Antonio, Greco Maria Sabrina, Giompapa Sofia Paper for Specialistic Magazine IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation (Volume 7, Issue 2, 2013)
2020-06-17-04 Nereus: Advanced solution for maritime surveillance Viscione Sabrina, Amalfitano Luigi Paper for Seminar/Symposium/Conference AFCEA - Convegno "Real-Time Location Intelligence e Visual Analytics nei Processi di Trasformazione Digitale" (11 Settembre 2019, c/o Casa dell'Aviatore, Roma, Italy)
2021-06-08-12 Command and control system for the STAR X-ray source Cucè Daniela, Leone Dario, Lisi Riccardo, Maio Giovanni, Nobili Matteo, Razzano Giuseppe, Schisano Alessandro, Borgese Gianluca, Agostino Raffaele Giuseppe, Barberi Riccardo, Solano Andrea, Puppin Ezio, Bacci Alberto, Serafini Luca, Ghigo Andrea, Pellegrino Luigi, Beltrano Joseph John, Catuscelli Gaetano Paper for Specialistic Magazine Fusion Engineering and Design (Elsevier B.V., Volume: 146, Part B, September 2019)
2020-06-17-06 Combining exposure indicators and predictive analytics for threats detection in real industrial IoT sensor networks Brignoli Mauro Alberto, Mazzaro Silvio, Fortunato Gianuario, Corà Andrea, Matta Walter, Romano Simon Pietro Paper for Seminar/Symposium/Conference IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for Industry 4.0 and IOT (03-04 June 2020, Roma, Italy)
2020-10-01-02 Developments in the SAPHIRA family of HgCdTe APD infrared arrays for low flux sensing: present and future Lake Kimberly, Isgar Vincent, Baker Ian, Herrington Mark, Hipwood Leslie, Maxey Christopher, Weller Harald, Barnes Keith, Hicks Matthew Paper for Seminar/Symposium/Conference SPIE - Remote Sensing Digital Forum (21-25 September 2020, Online Only)
2020-10-16-05 Theoretical model of strain perturbed resistivity in granular manganese perovskite systems De Feo Pasquale, Ferraioli Fabrizio, Coppola Nunzia, Maritato Luigi Paper for Specialistic Magazine Coatings Journal - Special Issue on "Advances in Perovskite Thin Films" (MDPI AG)