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2014-07-10-01 Phase Noise Modeling and its Effects on some Radar Signal Processors-Part I: MTI Processing Aubry Augusto, De Maio Antonio, Farina Alfonso Paper for Specialistic Magazine IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems
2014-05-08-03 Hyperspectral Payload for PRISMA Programme Meini Marco, Bini Alessandro, Formaro Roberto, Longo Francesco Paper for Book Chapter included in the “Optical Payloads for Space Missions” Book (Shen-En Qian, Canadian Space Agency)
2014-02-28-01 Software-Defined Radio Vergari Fabrizio Paper for Book McGraw-Hill - Yearbook of Science & Technology
2020-04-21-01 AutoTaxi task analysis and HMI development for for the Introduction of RPAS in non-segregated airport Serafino Gabriella, Mosiej Tomasz, Goiak Maurizio, Toniazzi Nicola, Lo Greco Enrico, Zerbo Paolo Paper for Seminar/Symposium/Conference 2020 IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for AeroSpace (22-24 June 2020, Pisa, Italy)
2018-08-24-02 SIMBIO-SYS STC Ready for the First Light: the Radiometric Calibration Slemer Alessandra, Simioni Emanuele, Da Deppo Vania, Re Cristina, Dami Michele, Borrelli Donato, Ficai Veltroni Iacopo, Capria Maria Teresa, Naletto Giampiero, Cremonese Gabriele Paper for Seminar/Symposium/Conference ICSO 2018 - International Conference on Space Optics (09-12 October 2018, Chania, Greece)