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2020-10-16-03 Image-based Approaches for Automating Visual Testing of Interactive Web-based Applications Macchi Federico, Rosin Pierpaolo, Mervi Juan Marcos, Turchet Luca Paper for Seminar/Symposium/Conference Open Innovations Association FRUCT (Finnish-Russian University Cooperation in Telecommunications) Conference (27-29 January 2021, Moscow, Russia)
2021-10-11-01 Distributed Workflows with Jupyter Colonnelli Iacopo, Rabellino Sergio, Cantalupo Barbara, Spampinato Concetto, Di Carlo Rosario, Morelli Roberto, Magini Nicolò, Cavazzoni Carlo, Aldinucci Marco Paper for Specialistic Magazine Future Generation Computer System (Elsevier B.V., Volume 128, March 2022)
2021-06-08-07 A Telerobotic Real-Time Network Distributed Framework for the ITER Remote Handling Supervisory Control System Mazzaro Silvio, Nobili Matteo, Fiorilla Angelo Emanuele, Hamilton David, Massa Alessandro, Matta Walter Paper for Seminar/Symposium/Conference SOFT - Symposium on Fusion Technology (20-25 September 2020, Virtual Edition)
2021-05-24-01 Distributed Smart Measurement Architecture for Industrial Automation, Cyber Physical Systems for Europe (CPS4EU) Azzoni Paolo, Caminale Gianfranco, Carratù Marco, Dello Iacono Salvatore, Fenza Giuseppe, Gallo Nicola, Liguori Consolatina, Londero Elisa, Pietrosanto Antonio, Rebella Nicolò Paper for Seminar/Symposium/Conference SE4ICPS IEEE International Workshop on Software Engineering for Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems (12-16 July 2021, Digital Event)
2021-02-26-24 Promote Defence oriented Open Innovation initiatives to speed up the uptake of Emerging and Disruptive Technologies Gulienetti Giorgio, Proietti Paolo, Fuselli Manuel Paper for Seminar/Symposium/Conference NIF21 - NATO Industry Forum (11 March 2021, Online Only)